India: The Art of Gambling in Opera and Bollywood

Opera at casinos in India

When we think of gambling in India, we think of the usual, people wanting to play games to win rupees and have a good time. Gambling is almost defining of what life is about. It encompasses many things that life throws at us daily and this is why things like risk and reward are used so much in art. When it comes to themes of gambling or casinos in India, it inhabits the reward and risk components and adds to the plot and narrative of the theatrical and cinematic arts.

We are discussing how all this combines, how is it really possible to have the topic of casinos and gambling alongside the arts of opera and Bollywood, is it really possible? Find out…

Indian opera

India opera has been going for more than a few centuries and is still not as popular or well-known as say the Russian operas. This is also the same for our operatic composers, whilst Russia has the likes of Sergei Prokofiev, here in India we have Wohmi Siht Kumar, but no one knows of him and to be honest, you won’t find anything about the person on the internet.

Opera is basically like a dramatic Bollywood movie, it is more, however, about the intimate emotions than the scale of action that the film studios create. There are many interlocking aspects of these two arts that bring a force of risk and reward to the viewer. Sometimes the portrayal of gambling and winning rupees is glaringly obvious to a story, other times, it is subtle in suggestive ways.

Bollywood and opera

Many Bollywood films have been shot within the casinos in India. The most recent one being the film Teen Patti, directed by Leena Yadav and staring Sir Amitabh Bachchan and R Madhwan.

Bollywood is the same as opera in the sense that risk and reward play key plot points and art is dependent on these. They are subjects people can relate to and this is why they spend their rupees buying a ticket to watch the shows or movies.

With Indian opera, gambling is less subtle than the moves. The plots tend to be formed around characters that have to take literal risks to be rewarded with either redemption or revenge. In the Bollywood movies, it is less subtle so, risks are more about the action of gambling than the emotional aspects.

About gambling in India

When it comes to gambling, only the state-run casinos in India are the legal hotspots. In recent times, players have had to turn to winning rupees by gambling online which is legal, but the casinos are foreign sites.

The gambling laws don’t allow for Indian businesses to make casinos online. Therefore, gambling online must be done inside of off-shore websites.

Opera at casinos in India

Some of the casinos in India have been used as Opera venues. Many of Indian’s land-based sites have entertainment halls that are able to host such events. The past Operas there have included 1001 Nights in India, Argippo, Aline, Reine de Golconde, and Hey Nonny Nonny. Star-studded actors that have graced the board of the stage included Cezanne Khan, Anas Rashid, Nakul Mehta, Asha Negi, Disha Parmar, and Tina Datta

Online casinos in India

When discussing risk and reward along with the subject of casinos, it brings into question the relatability of using gambling because the audience may not gamble, so there is a disconnect. Well, there are a number of casinos in India, but there are actually more players online using the best online casino in India found here. This is why gambling is able to be maintained as a go to narrative because it is always part of society and in the public eyes.

Gambling has changed massively over the past 20 years alone. Online gambling presents a host of options and opportunities. Games are more expansive, new you can bet online with all the sports, cricket included when 20-years ago you couldn’t.

Casinos are now a slowly dying option for players. The buzz is all around online casino sites which can be accessed anytime no matter where you are. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can play your top games 24-hours a day within any online casino in India.

Casinos offer you the chance to play teen patti and andar bahar, traditional Indian games that are often seen played in the Bollywood movies. You can play these games yourself against the casino’s dealer in real-time whilst it is streamed live from the developer’s studios.

Opera in India

If you wish to watch some of the best opera in India, then you still have shows played in casino halls and theatre throughout the country.

Opera is an art that scales down film and focuses on the acting emotion. Opera sets scenes without having scenes, it’s the relationship, it’s the music, it’s the entertainment. With Bollywood, the representation of risk and reward is less subtle, its action, physical performances, it is all to scale to bring please through visuals that fit the screen.

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