Artists of opera

artist opera

Opera is a beautiful genre of music. Many people enjoy it, however, not many people know much about it. We will be giving you more information about this genre of music. The aim is to talk about the different types of artists in opera.

Male Artists

Opera classifies its singers or artists according to their voices. Below are some male types of voices and the artist categorized by each.


Bass is the lowest and darkest male voice in an opera. Paolo Ananian, Paul Plishka, Louis Sgarro are Opera artist that are recognized for their bass voices.


Baritone is the most common male voice in opera. It is higher than the bass but lower than the tenor. Vincenzo Reschiglian, George Cehanovsky, Russell Christopher are some known baritone artists.


Tenor is the loudest male voice. They are often the hero or the male lover in the opera. The lyric tenor is usually loud while the dramatic tenor is darker. José Plácido, Domingo Embil, Robert Nagy are popular tenor artists.


Mezzo-soprano is more or less a borderline voice in opera. It is a blend of both a male and a female voice. Mezzo soprano artists include Marie Mattfeld, Jean Kraft, etc.

Female artists

Just like the male artists, opera female voices are also particular to the roles they play.


Soprano is the highest female voice. It is usually the heroine as the voice projects heroine and youth. Renee Fleming, Carlotta Ordassy are a few of the many opera soprano artists.


Also known as Alto, this is the lowest female voice in opera. Famous alto singers include Dame Clara Butt, Fanny Anitúa and a host of many others.

Conductors and dancers

Opera also involves activities like dancing or conducting.


Conductors are the ones who dictate the performance of any opera. Pietro Cimara, Dimitri Mitropoulos and Maurizio Benini are popular opera conductors.


While the singers sing, dancers also play their part. Joseph Fritz and Thomas Fulton are popular opera dancers.