Isabelle Debiève

Isabelle Debiève : Queen Elisabeth Competition 2016: Finals Piano: Lukas Vondracek: Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 3 - Concerto n°3 pour piano (Rachmaninov)

with : Lukás Vondráček

Bruxelles - Bozar

J'ai découvert ce pianiste lors du Concours international Reine Elisabeth de Belgique en 2016. je suis littéralement restée scotchée, yeux fermés, à m'imprégner de sa prestation : il ne jouait plus la musique, il était la musique. Retenez son nom : Lukas Vondracek

"This man is a personality. He told us that this Rachmaninov piano concerto brings all emotions to the surface. And indeed, he created a new Rachmaninov. We see bursts of intense energy, passion, anger, but also witness lyrical passages and romance. This experience was a rollercoaster for me, my heart was beating so fast I almost got a heart attack at certain moments figuratively speaking. I was amazed at his use of certain effects and accents, sudden tempo changes, innovative use of pedal and even improvised passages. All traits of someone who is more than a virtuoso. He deserves to be the winner of this competition. (Alberto Ferro being on a near second place)"