Vladimir Horowitz

Vladimir Horowitz : Liszt -- Sonata in B Minor -- Vladimir Horowitz -- Live - 1978

This recording clearly shows the power contained in the Liszt sonata in B minor and the power of the performer to bring it out. This is an audience recording of Vladimir Horowitz performing the Sonata in B minor by Franz Liszt at Carnegie Hall, March 19, 1978. This is most likely the finest audience recording I have heard of Horowitz and as stated below in the comments, was remastered by Joe Patrych. Compared to the RCA commercial recording issued in 1977, I seem to prefer this 1978 recording. It does not have the slight pauses between certain phrases found in the commercial release. The music flows beautifully in this unedited version of the Liszt sonata. There are some tape dropouts and a minor memory lapse but it is, in my opinion, one of the finest recordings of the Liszt sonata performed live by Vladimir Horowitz.

R. B. Prior