Vincent Ricciardi

Vincent Ricciardi : Live-in-the-Studio #5: "I'Te Vurria Vasa"

This is the first Neapolitan song I ever learned. My great grandmother used to sing it to my grandfather and my great aunts and uncles. My grandfather, Poppy Carmine, taught it to me.

“I’te Vurria Vasa" Cover by Vincent Ricciardi

Music and Lyrics by Vincenzo Russo, Eduardo Di Capua, Alfredo Mazzucchi

Arranged and Orchestrated by Andrew Ardito
Mandolin performed by Andrew Ardito

Vocal Chain: Advanced Audio CM49 - Tab Funkenwerk V78M - UA Apollo FW - Slate VCC Triton - Slate FG-N - UAD Pultec Legacy - UAD Summit TLA100.