Sanja Radišić

Sanja Radišić : Sanja Radišić as Lady Macbeth: "Vieni t'affretta..." - Macbeth (G.Verdi)

"… Sanja Radišic, a mezzo with impressively secure top notes (including a high D flat) made a sensuous and vibrant Lady Macbeth…"


Above all Sanja Radisic (Lady Macbeth) offers with her warm Mezzo-soprano voice an unbelievable spectrum of emotions. In the cavatina “ Vieni t'affretta...” she places the large tone jumps with such vocal perfection, that no break between high and low notes is audible.
Every note she sings is intense with feelings, the high notes are brilliant and clear in fortissimo and her toying in the low register, with her dusky voice, always pays off. Her acting ability is above all proven in the last act: here she curls up on the floor, laughs, cries and incorporates sobbing and moaning in her singing

Melanie Joannidis

" Nothing excuses the brilliant role interpretation of Sanja Radišic for being mentioned as second. As genuine mezzo-soprano she belongs to the not few low registered sopranos usually preferred to interpret Lady Macbeth, prominent names of the past such as Martha Mödl or Astrid Varnay, as well as to the classified mezzos such as Christa Ludwig, Grace Bumbry and Shirley Verrett all with unquestionable effortless high notes. Not to mention the glorified Maria Callas. Sanja Radišic offers sovereign the dreaded high notes and in most cases avoided, the high D flat. She conquers this horribly heavy role with aplomb and grandeur. Only “nice” singing by Lady, is not sufficient Verdi wrote. Artistically Sanja Radišic“sinks her nails” in her role. The intensive acting is basically the hotbed for the direction of T.H."


Sanja Radisic is an imposing Lady Macbeth whose top form is fully convened in the „Gran Scena del Sonnambulismo“. The eruption of the feelings of guilt displaced into neurotic compulsions and the futile attempt to wash away the blood from her hands, she structures in the scene with oppressing intensity both vocally and with her acting until the impressively transparent high D flat.