Rudolf Schwarz

Rudolf Schwarz : Denis Matthews plays Mozart, Piano Concerto in E flat K449

Mozart, Piano Concerto No.14 in E-flat K449

i) Allegro vivace
ii) Andantino (8'45")
iii) Allegro ma non troppo (15'28")

Denis Matthews (piano)
Rudolf Schwarz (conductor)
The Festival Orchestra

Mozart's Piano Concerto in E-flat was composed in 1784 and is the first in a run of twelve masterpieces of the genre composed between 1784 and 1786 (K449 to 503). Denis Matthews writes of the work that "its first movement bristles with vivacious themes and brilliant repartee; the second is built on one of Mozart's most touching yet long-breathed melodies; and the third is a highly original rondo which adds variations and new colours to each reappearance of its subject, and then whirls it away in a high-spirited coda".

(And at 16'42" do listen out for what sounds like a foreshadowing of the finale of the composer's Sonata in D K576!)

This LP recording is undated but, from its appearance, it looks like an early 1960s rather than a 1950s release.

Artwork for movement 1 is by Antonio Canaletto (1697-1768) and his nephew Bernardo Bellotto (1721-1780)
Artwork for movement 3 is by Franz Edmund Weirotter (1733-1771)