Pablo Volo

Pablo Volo : European Year of CULTURAL HERITAGE On Stage 2018 - El Niño : La Barraca - Ensemble C Barré - EL NIÑO // La BARRACA (Crumb / Pattar)

LE THOR , Avignon

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El Niño is a chamber opera, an orphic encounter between the poetical world of Lorca and contemporaneous musique and theater. Parallel to the theatre play, ensemble C Barré created a corresponding community project: La Barraca, which includes a pedagogical and historical analyse of the figure of Federico Garcia Lorca and of the Spanish civil war, delivering to audience the key words to access the Opera El Nino.

On Stage 2018 celebrates the rich and dynamic role played by the performing arts and music in Europe’s cultural legacy with a series of theatre, opera, dance and other performances held throughout the year. Additional events including behind-the-scenes tours, readings and interviews will support the performance programme.