Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley : Black Stone, The (Symbol of Unity, Sioux) - Song (Composer)

Yale University

Performed by Sari Gruber, Soprano and Deb Galrapp, Pianist

This is the third song from my song cycle entitled - "Songs of Little Turtle" - poetry by David Paladin, written in 1987.

David Chethlahe Paladin 1926-1984

Here is David's original poem, which inspired the musical setting:

(symbol of unity, Sioux)

The Black Stone speaks,
"Na-ta-do-nomee nawan o to a do."

The Black Stone sings,
"Na-to-do - na ta do nawan omee toe."

The Black Stone cries,
"Aiee, aiee, tin de ta do doe."

Black Stone's words ring out
for no one to hear.

Black Stone's song rises.
In silence it penetrates my soul.

Black Stone's wailing
tears at my heart.

For we are one,
mixing our sounds
in a world that exists
only in our dreams.