Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley : Schumann/Bradley Lieder (op. 3 #1&2) - for baritone, horn and piano - Lieder (Arranger)

Richard Lalli, baritone Jim Ross, horn Sara Laimon, piano

This is a recording of my early version of Schumann Der Knabe mit dem Wunderhorn and Abscheid von der Welt. Recorded at Yale. Richard asked me to arrange the music with an added horn part. I changed the piano part here and there, to accommodate the horn. Vocal part has been left almost untouched. Written and recorded about 1991-2. Since then, the cycle was rewritten. The rewritten version will be recorded in the USA September 2018. The new recording will be done by Alex Hurd (baritone), Takeshi Abo (viola) and Casey Robards (piano).