Liselotte Sels

Liselotte Sels : HPSCHD aftermovie

Finally, the legendary work by John Cage is brought to life again, this time with a contemporary update. 50 years after its original performance, seven harpsichord players are joined by seven visual artists during this five-hour performance. You are immersed in the colourful, psychedelic Cage universe and are invited to explore the space: sit, walk between the harpsichords or just stop to listen and absorb the atmosphere.

It took composers John Cage and Lejaren Hiller two years to complete HPSCHD, a work "for one to seven harpsichords", tape machines, and slide projectors. The solos were based on works by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann. For the premiere in 1969, slides of the landing on the moon and film scenes involving space were selected, as well as banners, surreal posters and portraits of Cage, Mozart, Beethoven ... 7000 people attended the five-hour multimedia jamboree and witnessed this sonic experiment said to be "like the random sounds of civilization”.

Harpsichords: led by Frank Agsteribbe
Yves Senden SOLO 1
Daniel Valkenborgh SOLO 2
Jeroen Malaise SOLO 3
Luc Vanvaerenbergh SOLO 4
Korneel Bernolet SOLO 5
Liselotte Sels SOLO 6
Frank Agsteribbe SOLO 7

Drawings by Janna Beck, Wouter Steel, research group MAXlab and students
Location: De Lange Zaal, Royal Academy of Fine Arts

CREATIE-researcher: Liselotte Sels: