Joseph Schmidt

Joseph Schmidt : Joseph Schmidt - Tiritomba

"Saragietta, saragietta la marina
Per trovare un amorata
Scianca rossa scianca rossa graziana
Perappropriaa pesciara
Tiritomba tiritomba
Tiritomba nero ole ole ole
Titritomba tiritomba
Tiritomba all aria va!"
Parlophon B 11250

Joseph Schmidt like many people who found fame in Germany in the early 1930s found that he should leave and search for a new home. He had toured the USA and unwisely did not accept invitations to go there. He settled in France but when it was invaded left and sought asylum in Switzerland which was declined. He then entered illegally and was interned. Whilst at the internment camp he was ill owing to the conditions and although seen by doctors his heart condition was not diagnosed and after singing at a concert, even though feeling unwell, collapsed and died.

I chose this song from many for its trills! But listen to the singing from the awful chorus!