Carlo Tagliabue

Carlo Tagliabue : Carlo Tagliabue - Pari siamo - Rigoletto- Verdi

Carlo Tagliabue (Mariano Comense, January 13, 1898 Monza, April 5, 1978) was an incredible Italian baritone. In his book Voci Parallele Giacomo Lauri-Volpi wrote, "[Tagliabue] is the only survivor of a school that knows that in Rigoletto, in Ballo in Maschera, Trovatore, Traviata a melodramatic piece should be sung, measured and breathed musically in line with the mastery of great art."

Notice how Tagliabue keeps the vowel EE clearly EE on the top G in the end. Many teachers today advocate modulating the vowel, but as you can hear with Tagliabue, as well as most of the great singers of the past, there is no purposeful modulation. The need for modulation today is due to faulty technique; e.g., holding the tip of the tongue behind the bottom teeth, not covering coorectly, not coordination the registers correctly.