Bruno Prevedi

Bruno Prevedi : Bruno Prevedi - "Lunge da lei...Dei miei bollenti spiriti...Oh mio rimorso" (Verdi, La Traviata)

You are going to hear Bruno Prevedi sing this aria of Alfredo Germont from Act II of Verdi's La Traviata. It should be noted that Prevedi here sings the cabaletta "Oh mio rimorso, oh infamia", that is unfortunately often omitted from both studio recordings and live performances.

Alfredo expresses his utter joy over the fact that Violetta has fully returned his love and is prepared to spend the rest of her life with him. He passionately claims that she, with her "serene loving smile" has calmed his "fiery youthful nature". However, his contemplation is interrupted by the arrival of the servant Annina, who informs him that Violetta in order to be able to afford living with him, had to renounce her most of her possessions, including horses and carriages. He is utterly ashamed and expresses his terror in the cabaletta "Oh mio rimorso, oh infamia" (Oh my remorse, oh infamy).

Giuseppe Verdi: LA TRAVIATA

Violetta Valéry Virginia Zeani
Alfredo Germont Bruno Prevedi
Giorgio Germont Robert Merrill
Flora Bervoix Marcia Baldwin
Gastone Charles Anthony
Baron Douphol Ron Bottcher
Marquis D'Obigny Gene Boucher
Dr Grenvil Louis Sgarro
Annina Karan Armstrong

Chorus&Orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera House,
Conductor: Georges Prêtre
New York (November 12th 1966)

Enjoy Prevedi's impassioned and involved rendition of the piece.

(There weren't any photos of him in this role available, so I put mostly portraits and photos from other roles, such as Pollione, Pinkerton, etc.)