Allyson Mchardy

Allyson Mchardy : Allyson McHardy as Solange in The Maids

North-American premiere of The Maids, by Peter Bengston
Production by Nicholas Muni
Nancy Allen Lundy as Claire
Allyson McHardy as Solange
Stephanie Novacek as Madame
The Cincinnati Symphony orchestra and Patrick Summers (conductor)
Cincinnati Opera
June 2004

Two sisters, Claire and Solange, serve Madame as chamber-maids. When Madame is away at night, the two sisters take turns at playing a bizarre game in which one of them dresses up in Madame's clothes and accessories and, in a sadistic power-play, makes herself the target of the unspoken, suppressed hatred which exists between mistress and servant. The purpose of the game is to drive the Maid to the only logical conclusion of the ritual game — that of killing Madame.