Stefan Grieser

Stefan Grieser : Megan Marie Hart — «L’Air des bijoux» (The Jewel Song) from Faust by Charles Gounod - Faust (Charles Gounod)

with : Megan Marie Hart , Mathias Mönius

Megan Marie Hart sings the “Jewel Song”, Marguerite’s aria from the opera «Faust» by Charles Gounod.
Piano: Mathias Mönius

Lithography «La scène du jardin» (The garden scene) by Eugène Lami.
Inspired by Gounod’s «Faust» in the Théâtre-Lyrique in Paris, world premiere on March 19th, 1859. Act III, scene VIII: Marthe, Méphistohpélès, Faust and Marguerite in the garden. Sets by Charles-Antoine Cambon and Joseph Thierry.

Colorized by Stefan Grieser