Stefan Grieser

Stefan Grieser

Stefan Grieser

13 April 18 13:34

Last season, Megan Marie Hart was Gilda in «Rigoletto», an innocent young woman who longed for love and a name that would secure her place in life.

Now she is the confident, strong Floria Tosca, with a name and career of her own, with fame and recognition. Ewandro Stenzowski, who was the lighthearted Duca di Mantova, is now the steadfast Mario Cavaradossi, who truly loves Floria Tosca. Sándor Balla was the broken Rigoletto, and now sings the imposing and dreaded Vittellio Scarpia, corrupt, powerful, in his greed for women akin to the Duca from «Rigoletto».

Gilda and Tosca, living in different stages of our western society, are victims of the same masculine evil. The revenge and satisfaction that Gilda was denied in «Rigoletto» is now experienced by Megan Marie Hart’s Tosca - intense, raw and cathartic!

The audience in Detmold is in for a treat!

April 13th, 7.30 pm, at the Landestheater Detmold

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