Christopher Ruel

  • Current city : Westwood ( US )
  • Nationalities : United States of America
  • Website : None
Hi! I am a lover of opera living in the New York City area. I take advantage of my proximity to the Met Opera and attend one performance per month. My tastes have a wide range, but Mozart and Puccini are my two favorite composers of opera while Beethoven is my go to symphonic composer.

I studied music in college, vocal performance in particular, but I also play the trumpet (trained) and the piano (ear). I have two principal hobbies, outside of listening to and attending operas; I compose for orchestra as well as create electronic music, and I am an aspiring novelist currently deep in the final draft of my first book. I have found that each of my passions inform the other and are almost inseparable.

Professionally, I am a writer and content creator within the marketing field and also work as a social media strategist.

I look forward to meeting fellow opera and music lovers!