Yvonne Minton

Yvonne Minton : Where Corals Lie - a song by Sir Edward Elgar

Music by Edward Elgar (1899). Words by Richard Garnett (1835 - 1906)

Yvonne Minton, mezzo-soprano.

(c) Decca Music Group Ltd, 2002

I have two recordings of this song - this one and the well-known version by Dame Janet Baker.

The two versions (Janet Baker and Yvonne Minton) are rather different. Miss Baker sings it per the score indication: Allegretto, ma non troppo (56 bpm). Miss Minton takes it at about 65 bpm, some 20% faster. Personally I prefer the latter. The Baker version seems overly drawn out once you've heard the Minton rendition.

Allegretto is around 100bpm so taking it at half that is really dragging it out. I think the beat indication on the score must be wrong. Even 65 bpm is really at the very bottom end of 'ma non troppo'.