Vincent La Selva

Vincent La Selva : MARISA GALVANY sings AZUCENA 1998 LIVE

This outdoor concert performance dates from August 5, 1998 and was conducted by Vincent La Selva in Central Park, New York, NY.

Enrico di Giuseppe shows himself in miraculous form at the age of 68 and is embraced graciously by the audience.

Soprano Marisa Galvany, aged 62, assumes the mezzo role of Azucena, singing with caution and directs her energies towards emoting through vocal acting details, not the sheer vocal bravado indicative of her earlier career.

Ironically the Leonora, Francesca Accurso shows a timbre bearing an uncanny resemblance to that of a younger Marisa Galvany.

Accurso courses through the music fearlessly (but not recklessly), taking care to sing the embellishments many sopranos overlook.

Rich-voiced baritone, Pin Yu sings di Luna.