Ted Huffman

Ted Huffman : enoa production - Les Mamelles de Tirésias (F.Poulenc) in Aix

with : Roger Vignoles

Britten, Poulenc and Apollinaire, together in a surrealistic opera

Production of the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence in coproduction with the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and Aldeburgh Music with the support of enoa

Inspired by the myth of Tiresias and his successive metamorphoses, Thérèse, the central character of "Les Mamelles de Tirésias", changes sex in order to take power and establish equality between men and women. This feminist, antimilitarist, modern myth written by Guillaume Apollinaire prompted Francis Poulenc to compose a comic opera that in many ways plays with the convention of the genre: beyond the theme of cross-gendering, its formal structure sidesteps traditional realism and gives way instead to the imagination, making it one of the composer's most expressive works. This production revives the arrangement for two pianos Benjamin Britten wrote in close collaboration with Poulenc, a version of the score that has not been played ever since its creation in 1958.

This enoa production was premiered in Aldeburgh in October 2012 with an English cast. Last June 2013, the entire creation team presented "Les Mamelles de Tirésias" during the Festival d'Aix with a new cast.

If you missed "Les Mamelles de Tirésias" in Aix, you will have another chance to see it at La Monnaie in Brussels in January 2014 !

Musical direction / Roger VIGNOLES
Stage director / Ted HUFFMAN
Associate stage director and choreographer / Zack WINOKUR
Set and costumes / Samal BLAK
Lumière Marcus DOSHI
Pianists repetiteurs / Emmanuel OLIVIER, Philippe RIGA

Thérèse - Tirésias / Julie MOSSA, Aoife MISKELLY
Le Mari / Jean-Jacques L'ANTHOËN, Timothy MCDEVITT
Presto / Ronan DEBOIS
Lacouf / Romain PASCAL
Le Gendarme / Guillaume PAIRE
La Marchande de journaux / Sarah LAULAN
Le Journaliste / Samy CAMPS
Le Fils / Benjamin ALUNNI
Le Directeur / Mathieu GARDON
Une dame élégante / Aoife MISKELLY
La Grosse Dame / Eva GANIZATE
Une dame / Nathalie MORAZIN