Claire Booth

Claire Booth : John Eccles (c.1668-1735) Symphony for Venus (The Judgment of Paris)

with : Susan Bickley , Lucy Crowe , Roderick Williams


* Claire Booth (Soprano)
* Lucy Crowe (Soprano)
* Roderick Williams (Baritone)
* Ben Hulett (Tenor)
* Susan Bickley (Mezzo Soprano)


Born in London, eldest son of professional musician Solomon Eccles, John Eccles was appointed to the King's Private Musick in 1694, and in 1700 became Master of the King's Musick. Also in 1700 he finished second in a competition to write music for William Congreve's masque The Judgement of Paris (John Weldon won).

Eccles was very active as a composer for the theatre, and from the 1690s wrote a large amount of incidental music including music for William Congreve's Love for Love, John Dryden's The Spanish Friar and William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Jointly with Henry Purcell he wrote incidental music for Thomas d'Urfey's Don Quixote. He became a composer to Drury Lane theatre in 1693 and when some of the actors broke off to form their own company at Lincoln's Inn Fields in 1695, he composed music for them as well.