Richard Bonelli

Richard Bonelli : Richard Bonelli. "Si può? Si può? Signore! Signori!" (Met, 1936).

Leoncavallo: Pagliacci.
Dirección musical: Gennaro Papi.
Nueva York, 29 de febrero de 1936.
Fotografía: Richard Bonelli como Tonio (Pagliacci).

En el libro "Saturday afternoons at the Old Met. The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts, 1931-1950" (p. 111), Paul Jackson escribe sobre la voz de Bonelli y su Tonio de 1936:

"Another extant broadcast of the italian repertory (Pagliacci on 29 February) offers oportunity to enjoy Bonelli in a complete portrayal [...] The recorded sound of Pagliacci is the best thus far. Bonelli's masterful voicing of the Prologue makes one wonder who is the premier Italian baritone of the era -he combines all the fat, rolling tone of Thomas and the point and dramatic flavor of Tibbett. Bonelli owns a voice of ravishing, darkly sensous color, full and even troughout the entire range, with menacing bite at the bottom and absolute freedom at the top (the interpolated A-flat is perfectly poised, no tenor tone but harboring the same rich claret hue as the rest of the voice). His cantabile ('E voi, piuttosto') is woven with a girdling legato and subtle use of portamento. Memories of the golden age of Italian baritones surface -Amato, even a touch of Ruffo potency- though Bonelli never pushes beyond the zones of musical taste. In the opera proper he completely leaves off his primo baritone stance and plays the character; how he enjoys watching Nedda with her lover. He moves quickly from the menace of 'si tradisca' to the sudden piano of 'fingere' as the advises Canio to wait, to pretend; and he is all fool in the play-within-a-play".