Michael Hendrick

Michael Hendrick : Roß! Mein Roß! Was schleichst du so träg? - GURRE-LIEDER (Arnold Schönberg)

Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia

Waldemar is riding out to the castle of Gurre where Tove is waiting for him. This song depicts his journey and arrival, an ECSTATIC moment reflected in the whole of nature.

Do you remember when YOU once (or more) felt this way? ;)
GURRE-LIEDER (1911) by Arnold Schönberg tells the tale of two lovers, Waldemar and Tove, the bitterness of Tove's murder by the Queen, and their souls finding eternal union through Spring and its renewal of nature.

Performed last Fall at Lisinski Hall in Zagreb and broadcast throughout Croatia, conducted by Nikša Bareza featuring the combined orchestras & choirs of Croatian National Theater, Croatian Radio Television & the Music Academy of Zagreb.

"Roß! Mein Roß! Was schleichst du so träg?" (Waldemar):

"Horse! My horse! Why are you dragging so slowly?
No, I see the path melting fast under your hooves.
But you must go faster. You're still in the middle of the woods,
and I planned to be in Gurre with no delay!
Now the forest thins, there,
I can see the castle which surrounds my Tove.
Behind us the forest closes into a wall of shadow; press on!
Look! The forest's shadows spread wide across field and fen!
Before they reach Gurre's grounds, I must stand at Tove's door.
Before the sound which now rings, ceases, never more to sound, your hooves, racer, must roar over Gurre's bridge;
Before that wilted leaf - there it hangs - falls down into the stream, in Gurre's yard your neighs must merrily resound...
The shadows spread, the sound dies away.
Now fall leaf, now you may perish.
I, Volmer, have seen Tove!"