Lito Messini

Lito Messini : Mrs. Discobbolos Aria - Mr.and Mrs Discobbolos (Peter Westergaard / Edward Lear)

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Mrs. Discobbolos said,--
'Oh! W! X! Y! Z!
'It has just come into my head--
'Suppose we should happen to fall! ! ! ! !
'Darling Mr. Discobbolos

'Suppose we should fall down flumpetty
'Just like pieces of stone!
'On the thorns, -- or into the moat!
'What would become of your new green coat
'And might you not break a bone?
'It never occurred to me before--
'That perhaps we shall never go down any more!'
And Mrs. Discobbolos said--
'Oh! W! X! Y! Z!
'What put it into your head
'To climb up this wall? -- my own
'Darling Mr. Discobbolos?'

from Edward Lear's poem ''Mr.and Mrs.Discobbolos''