Krzysztof Bączyk

Krzysztof Bączyk : Krzysztof Bączyk & Brendan Tuohy in Cavalli's Elena - Cappella Mediterranea

Orchestra Ensemble Cappella Mediterranea, conducted by Leonardo García Alarcón, at the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2013. DEAR COPYRIGHT HOLDER, if you have any problems with this being on YouTube, please contact me, and I will remove it immediatly. Thank you!

Menelaos - who is in love with Helena, king Tindaro's daughter - is disguised by his servant Diomede (Brendan Tuohy) as an amazon named "Elisa" and led to Tindaro (Krzysztof Bączyk) in order to get close to Helena. Unfortunately, the king immediately falls in love with "Elisa" and must be told that the alleged amazon is in fact a man. On hearing that his beloved Helena was abducted by Theseus and others, Tindaro orders Diomede to pursue the abductors.

Picture: Theseus pursuing a woman, probably Helen. Side A from an Attic red-figure bell-krater, c. 440–430 BC (Louvre, Paris)

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