Judith Raskin

Judith Raskin : Judith Raskin sings "Deh vieni non tardar" in Recital! (1971)

As an encore from a 1971 recital, here is Judith Raskin with George Schick at the piano performing Susanna's aria from "The Marriage of Figaro."

And here's a link to my Judith Raskin playlist:

"The moment finally arrives
When I'll experience joy without haste
In the arms of my beloved...
Fearful anxieties, get out of my heart!
Do not come to disturb my delight.
Oh, how it seems that to amorous fires
The comfort of the place,
Earth and heaven respond,
As the night responds to my ruses."

"Oh, come, don't be late, my beautiful joy
Come where love calls you to enjoyment
Until night's torches no longer shine in the sky
long as the air is still dark
And the world quiet.
Here the river murmurs and the light plays
That restores the heart with sweet ripples
Here, little flowers laugh and the grass is fresh
Here, everything entices one to love's pleasures
Come, my dear, among these hidden plants.
Come, come!
I want to crown you with roses."