Joseph Middleton

Joseph Middleton : Clara Mouriz sings Mompou's 'Damunt de tu nomes les flors'

BBC Radio 3, New Generation Artist - Clara Mouriz - sings Catalan Composer Federico Mompou's 'Damunt de tu nomes les flors' with pianist Joseph Middleton

Lying upon you, like a white
Offering, there were flowers only.
From them your body drew the light,
Without them now the branch was lonely.

And as they gave their kiss to you,
Their life of fragrance was sent flowing.
From your closed eyes the light shone through:
You were resplendent, you were glowing.

Could I but be a flower's sigh
And, like a lily, give you my
own self, so that my very being
Would fade away upon your breast
And never need again the rest
Of night, that from your side is fleeing.

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