Jean-Louis Serre

Jean-Louis Serre : Führe uns, wir geben uns Dir hin. - Jean-Louis Serre [주님께 모든 것을 맡깁니다/독일어] (Gaz Woijstin Lee)

Baritone Jean-Louis SERRE, Lyrics Fr. Hae-Wook LEE, Composition Hyogun KYM, Orchestrations Hyunjoo LEE
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Article: Donga Ilbo

The album We Surrender Ourselves to You will be released on August 8, 2014. The album project began in July of 2012 and took two years and a month to complete. The album is based on a eight-minute hymn written by Father Lee Hae-Wook and composed by Kim Hyogun. (Kim won the first place in the first-ever MBC University Original Song Competition in 1981 with his song Snow.) The new song was arranged by Lee Hyunjoo. It is arranged for solo, duo, choir, and solo with choir performances. The song is recorded in ten languages, and there are sixteen different versions. The original lyrics in Korean were translated by priests in different countries. The translated versions were edited and then sent back to the respective priests for final approval.

The translations were based on colloquial use of each language, and some parts didn’t adhere to literal translation of the words to convey the meaning more accurately. Olivier Tellier of the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris was in charge of the French translation; Yamamoto Ryotaro of Tokyo Catholic Church of the Japanese translation; Shin Han-Yol of the Taize Community, a Korean Chinese student at the Gwangju Catholic University, and the parish priest of Weihai Catholic Church of the Chinese translation.

Musicians from all 10 countries gave further assistance with the lyrics. Runni Liang who majored in harmony at Peking University helped with the Chinese translation; Kim Yongseon, the former conductor at the Tokyo Catholic Church and Akikko Konno of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris with the Japanese translation. Rapäel Mas, a composer and graduate of CNSM de Paris, assisted with the Portuguese, Spanish translation. Another CNSM de Paris graduate Franck Frevost supervised English, German, French, and Latin translations.

The orchestral accompaniment was performed by Association Cécile members who are music students at CNSM de Paris, CRR de Paris, and ENMP.

Vocalists of Notre-Dame de Paris participated in the recordings. Ryan Dugger performed the English version, Lucile Richardot the Italian version, Randol Rodriguez the Spanish and Portuguese versions, Akiko Konno the Japanese version. Professor Jean-Louis Serre at CRD du Val Maubee performed the French and German versions, and Runni Lee, a graduate of ENMP, recorded the Chinese version.

Professor Song Kee-Chang at Gachon University performed the Korean male solo, and an ENMP graduate Lee Jaeyoun performed the Korean female solo. Im Sunhae, working actively on the European scene, and Song Kee-Chang, performed the Korean duo version. Lastly, Im Sunhae and Jeju Catholic Children’s Choir recorded the choir version.

The sound master Isabelle Davy and the music director Lee Ung were in charge of the recording.

The album will be available for purchase worldwide online. It will be available in Korea from August 12th. We hope the music touches and heals hearts and minds of all.