Hein Jung

Hein Jung : Zack Browning - Song Arirang - Hein Jung with Minaret Trio

Live performance of Song Arirang for soprano and piano trio on 10/05/11 at Fletcher Lounge at the University of Tampa by Hein Jung, soprano with The Minaret Trio ( Lei Liu, violin; Lowell Adams, cello; Grigorious Zamparas, piano).

Arirang is a traditional Korean song of love and heartbreak which has been performed by musicians throughout Korea's history to express memory, sorrow, pride, and propaganda. The song, a national symbol for both North and South Korea, is thought to have originated during the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910); others say it has existed since the Shilla Dynasty, more than 1,000 years ago. There are many different versions of the song usually designated in the title by the place of origin of the song.

Song Arirang was written for soprano Hein Jung and presents four versions of Arirang that are subjected to stylistic variations based on elements derived from Western pop, rock, and jazz. The structure in three large parts and 33 sections is based on an interpretation of the birth date of Hein Jung using the 3x3 Lo Shu Magic Square as defined by the Flying Star System of Feng Shui. The four versions of Arirang in Song Arirang include the most famous version from Seoul and known simply as Arirang; the original form Jeongseon Arirang which has been sung in Jeongseon County in Gangwon Province for more than 600 years; Jindo Arirang from Jindo County in Jeolla Province; and Milyang Arirang from the city Milyang in the Gyeongsangnam-do Province. ZB

Song Arirang

Part I
1 Song of Pain (Jeongseon Arirang)
2 Steady Groove
3 Refrain I (Melodic Power)
4 Delicate Groove
5 Expressive
6 Refrain II (Distant Memory)

Part II
1.1 Rock Groove I; Hyperdrive; Dark Power
1.2 Funk Attack; Union Power
1.3 Sad Song I (Pleading for Love)
2.1 Destiny Dance I (Milyang Arirang I)
2.2 Dream Music I
2.3 Passion Play I (Jindo Arirang I)
3.1 Rock Groove II
3.2 Dream Music II
3.3 Agitated Awakening
4.1 Song of Sorrow (Arirang I)
4.2 Dramatic Union
4.3 Destiny Dance II (Milyang Arirang II)
5.1 Passion Play II (Jindo Arirang II)
5.2 Funk Attack II
5.3 Song of Hope (Arirang II)
6.1 Bright Power; Rock Groove I (Reprise)
6.2 Passion Play III (Jindo Arirang III)
6.3 Dream Music I (Reprise)
7.1 Dramatic Dance (Milyang Arirang III)
7.2 Sad Song II (Begging for Love)
7.3 Hyperdrive (Reprise): Rock Groove II (Reprise)

Part III
1 Steady Beat; Refrain III (Melodic Union)
2 Power Groove; Song of Power (Arirang Inversion); Power Drive
3 Build the Intensity
4 Song of Pain (Jeongseon Arirang Reprise)
5 Refrain IV (Memories Past)
6 Rock It!