Harry Christophers

Harry Christophers : The Sixteen - Harry Christophers - Carver, Ramsey, Tallis - Live Concert HD

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Gregoriaans: Dum sacrum mysterium

Robert Carver: Gloria uit Missa 'Dum sacrum mysterium' (a 21)

Robert Ramsey: Drie motetten uit de Euning Collection
- In monte Olivetti
- O vos omnes
- How are the mighty fall'n

Thomas Tallis: Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter
1) The first is meek: devout to see.
Man blest no doubt
2) The second is sad: in majesty.
Let God arise in majesty
3) The third doth rage: and roughly brayeth.
Why fum'th in fight
4) The fourth doth fawn: and flattery playeth.
O come in one to praise the Lord

Robert Carver: Credo uit Missa 'Dum sacrum mysterium' (a 21)

Thomas Tallis: Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter
1) The fifth delighteth: and laugheth the more.
E'en like the hunted hind
2) The sixth bewaileth: it weepeth full sore.
Expend, O Lord, my plaint of word
3) The seventh treadeth stout: in froward race.
Why brag'st in malice high
4) The eighth goeth mild: in modest pace.
God grant we grace
'Tallis' Ordinal' - Come Holy Ghost

Thomas Tallis: Spem in alium (a 40)

The Sixteen, o.l.v. Harry Christophers
M.m.v Laurenscantorij en gastzangers o.l.v. Wiecher Mandemaker

Opgenomen in de Grote Zaal van de Doelen in Rotterdam op 27 februari 2013