Gerard Schneider

Gerard Schneider : 2018: Thaïs (J. Massenet) Excerpts | Minnesota Opera | Gerard Schneider - Thaïs (Massenet)

Minnesota Opera

Jules Massenet

Gerard Schneider | Nicias
Christopher Franklin | Conductor

Ordway Center for Performing Arts, St. Paul
Minnesota Opera, May 2018

Acte I
0:00 Athanaël! C'est Toi!
0:44 Ici même! Pour la dernière fois...
1:13 Ne t'offense pas...
2:18 Chère Thaïs!

Acte II
2:45 Appelez les danseuses d'Asie, les psylles et les baladins!
3:29 Voilà l'incomparable!
3:52 No, No, Arretez...Adieu, Thaïs!

"But the most memorable portrayal of the evening was Gerard Schneider’s wonderfully Gallic Nicias, brimming with finesse and joie de vivre. ​The Australian-born tenor, in an auspicious company debut, offered the perfect antidote to Athanaël’s dour lessons in anhedonia; ​one felt the audience relax—and then smile--en masse..."
Review: Opera News, 2018
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