Enoch Zu Guttenberg

Enoch Zu Guttenberg : Johann Sebastian Bach - Magnificat in D major, BWV 243

From the monastery church of Rott am Inn, Germany

Bach-Collegium of Munich
Neubeuern Choral Society
Enoch zu Guttenberg - conductor

Johann Sebastian Bach - Magnificat in D major

Watch the complete program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPrYUiq54l0&list=PLDOx7nx0z2hhjdVVaDnkLV4hm8tp79LNt

This live recording comes from one of the most lovely Baroque churches in Southern Germany. The former monastery church of Rott am Inn in Upper Bavaria provides a perfect setting in architectural and artistic terms for a concert comprising of a selection of music for Christmas. The film tells the story of the birth of Christ using the words of the Scriptures to the accompaniment of music ranging from Johann Sebastian Bach, Anton Bruckner, Max Reger and Johannes Brahms to old Bavarian folk tunes. Performed by the Neubeuern Choral Society, a lay choir who have become world famous in their performances of both ecclesiastical and traditional domestic music, and the Bach-Collegium of Munich, a body of individually established players from various Munich ensembles. Enoch zu Guttenberg conducts the musical performance.