Eduardo López Banzo

Eduardo López Banzo : Maria Bayo sings José de Nebra Arias - 2/3

José de Nebra: Arias de zarzuelas

Maria Bayo, soprano
Al Ayre Español
Eduardo López Banzo, conductor


Aria "Gozaba el pecho mío"
from "Iphigenia en Tracia", Madrid, 1747

Once my happy heart used
To enjoy that loving state;
But you, foul villain,
You have traduced it into fury,
Into anger, into cruelty.
That sweet peace
Which once was the pleasure of the soul
Is now bile, is shock,
Vengeance and pitilessness.


Aria "Quién, cielos"
from "Vendado es amor, no es ciego", Madrid, 1744

Who, by the heavens, has assumed
The likeness of Adonis?
Spirit in love,
What do you see?


Aria "El bajel que no recela"
from "Vendado es amor, no es ciego", Madrid, 1744

The vessel that does now suspect
That the serene sea is changing,
Sees a cloud and hears a clap of thunder
And from then on fears capsizing.

Likewise the soul, being arrogant,
Finds itself under the precept of Diana,
A storm wakens it
And it begins to founder.

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