Donald Mcintyre

Donald Mcintyre : Wagner - Die Walkure, Wotan's farewell (Leb wohl) Boulez, Bayreuth - English Subtitles HD

Wotan's farewell and magic fire music ("Leb wohl, du kühnes, herrliches Kind!")

Wotan: Donald McIntyre
Brunhilde: Gwyneth Jones

Conducted by Pierre Boulez
Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele (1976)

From Wikipedia:

Wotan arrives in wrath and passes judgement on Brünnhilde (since she disobeyed his oreders). She is to be stripped of her Valkyrie status and become a mortal woman, to be held in a magic sleep on the mountain, prey to any man who happens by. Brünnhilde begs mercy of Wotan for herself, his favorite child. Wotan consents to her last request: to encircle the mountaintop with magic flame, which will deter all but the bravest of heroes (who, as shown through the leitmotif, they both know will be the yet unborn Siegfried). Wotan lays Brünnhilde down on a rock and, in a long embrace, kisses her eyes closed into an enchanted sleep. He summons Loge (the Norse demigod of fire) to ignite the circle of flame that will protect her, then slowly departs in sorrow.