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Bel Air Classiques : I Puritani | Diana Damrau sings "Vien diletto" [DVD & Blu-ray] - I Puritani (Vincenzo Bellini)

with : Diana Damrau , Emilio Sagi , Ludovic Tézier , Nicolas TestÉ , Evelino Pidò

Teatro Real - Madrid

A jewel of bel canto, and Bellini’s last masterpiece, I Puritani encapsulates every major theme held dear by the Italian romantic generation : a love triangle, quid pro quos, a shattered love affair leading to madness, set in Cromwell’s England with its lot of political rivalries. It is also an ode to resistance and to freedom, echoing the political struggles that the Italian peninsula was facing in the 1830’s. But it is mainly a testament to Bellini’s unique musical brand, a genius combination of melodic brightness, post-rossinian ornaments, and a profound and melancolic lamento that owes much to traditional Neapolitan songs.

It is therefore one of the most vocally demanding opera of the repertoire, and to face this challenge, the Teatro Real of Madrid called on four exceptional singers : the great diva Diana Damrau as Elvira, Javier Camarena as Arturo (both triumphed at the Metropolitan Opera of New York in the same opera in 2017), as well as baritone Ludovic Tézier, bass-baritone Nicolas Testé and mezzo-soprano Annalisa Stroppa.

Catalan director Emilio Sagi offers a staging both elegant and simple, and bel canto expert Evelino Pido, along with the Teatro Real Orchestra and Chorus, brings forth every nuance of this immense and unforgettable score.

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